So, here follows some random pictures from Mick’s collection that will tell a story, without words!

Well, I do have to mention this place, 1st gig The Fuchsia Band played in America was here!! A rock ‘n roll joint!! We played between 2 punk bands, did a ceili ... old school!!

Sure they didn’t know what was going on ... seems to be a central theme for us :)

.. this one does look like an album cover of an album that I’m not sure I’ld like!!!

.. as you can see, Mick and Christopher go to the same gym! Mick is very hopeful though, that when he grows up, he’ll be like Chris!!

So, after that ... we met Mick in Minneapolis / St. Paul (it’s exactly like Ballineen / Enniskeane at home. Two villages right next to each other, people in each saying, “oh, I’m not from Enniskeane, I’m from Ballineen” and vice-versa. Come off it!), for our first festival ... great place and great festival!

So, first order of business, “check in the merch”. This is the (often) tedious process of handing in and (laboriously for some!) counting all our CD’s, t-shirt’s and HOT PANTS ... only to take same out again a few days later ... I think monkey’s learn quicker!!

.. the 2 boys!! They’re like an advertisement for the Council!! “Position open for men who can stand around, only soft hands may apply!”

Our first gig then was a “Workshop of Cork Songs” ... which, funnily enough, is quite similar to our pre-pared “Workshop of Irish Songs”, which in turn relates quite closely to “what else do we know?” and “we played that already, sure play it again!” ...

Mick took off on his travels, around the festival grounds, and here are some of his results!!

After everyone plays on the stage, you go to the Merchandise tent, to sit at a special table for “signing CDs” ...

... as you can see we’ve really made it here in America!!

It was Máirtín’s birthday there a few days ago, so we went to a German foody place ...

.. 2 lads walking round in the place, playing music and drinking (sounds familiar!!)

.. Briany here, was very interested in the accordian, got a special one-on-one session!

the view from the stage ... obviously we packed the house after we started to play!! :)

Barry, the festival sheep ... Máirtín was obsessed with him/her!

And finally, some real musicians ... Cormac, Dáithí Sproule, Liz Carroll and the mighty Billy McComiskey! Amazing!!!